Who We Are


The Children’s Protection Society {CPS} began as an initiative of Dato’ Seri Nazir Ariff when he was President of the Rotary Club in Penang (1991). It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization catering to the needs of neglected and/or abandoned children in Penang. It was officially launched in April 1992 by Puan Sri Chua Kah Peng.


The objectives of CPS are both immediate and longer-term. The immediate objective is to provide children at risk with a safe, supportive and conducive environment (Shelter). Our concerned and focused areas include the emotional and physical development, education, social and recreational skills. At the same time, CPS aims to work with parents and other family members, so that the child can eventually be re-united with his/her family.

In the pipeline, we hope to support projects to enhance community-based facilities for childcare and development in areas where such facilities are lacking. We also try to promote a more general awareness of the issues relating to children at risk by being involved in training and discussions. Hence we work together with various government and non-government organisations to help to develop longer-term strategies and goals (see the attached pdf file for more about the contexts of our work)


Our priority is the running of our Shelter, which caters for up to 34 children between the ages of 5 - 16.Our demand for admission has always been far above our capacity to meet it. We do our own assessment but take referrals from a variety of sources, including government and non-government organisations and schools. A team of committed full-time and part-time staff run our Shelter, together with volunteers who offer extra support such as tuition and recreational activities.Due to their traumatic and painful background, many of our children have not been regular school goers, thus many of them are academically weak when they come to us.

With the assistance and support of the State Education Department and the State Welfare Department, all our children are back on the school curriculum. Within our Shelter, children are encouraged to take responsibility; hence all participate in organizing the Shelter, as well as deciding on how duties are shared and the implementation of rules and regulations. Through this and the other programmes of the Shelter, the children’s self esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness are raised.


We run an outreach service both on the island and on the mainland. This Program includes working with the original families of our residential children as well as children who are back with their families. Moral support for the parents and children is an on-going process. On the mainland, we run a Learning Centre, which is run by two part time staff. It is a platform where children come together and learn from sharing experiences. Our weekly visits and gentle exploration helps us to identify the needs of this community.


Besides food and accommodation, our children very much need to belong to a family. This is where Fostering can provide a sense of belonging and love. An atmosphere that provides warmth and care without stifling the child’s need to know and be in contact with his own parents and without seeking disclosure for the child can be very helpful Short term fostering is a temporary placement of a child within a family for a period of not more than twelve months and long term fostering is a placement of a child within a family for a period longer than a year.


When the opportunity arises we try to send our children/teenagers for further training. We link to other organisations, such as Montford Boy’s Home, and to the YWCA, in KL. We also try to help those who have left us to get jobs from potential employers. As and when necessary they do turn to us for moral support and guidance.


We are grateful to the public and individuals for their donations in cash and kind, which certainly helps us to maintain and continue our service. We are also very encouraged with the annual grant from the Welfare Department. Our appreciation to all those who have been so kind to us in the past.

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